Inspiring Alpha Women: KONSTANTINA

In celebration of Australia's rich and important history and Alpha Women everywhere, we proudly partnered with KONSTANTINA to celebrate the 2022 holiday period. 

Inspiring Alpha Women: Eloïse Panetta

Designer, artisan and Founder, Eloïse Panetta has built her unique offering from what began as a love of craftsmanship handed down by her Grandmother. 

Inspiring Alpha Women: Adeline Yeak

As the Founder of Zove Beauty, Adeline’s willingness to take risks has enabled her to integrate her rich cultural heritage with her passion for beauty and self care.

Inspiring Alpha Women: Sumana Jayanth

Sumana, founder of Damn Gina speaks to her second chance at entrepreneurship and turning her passion project into a successful business.  

Inspiring Alpha Women: Alisha Williams

Director and Co-Founder of Rosewell, Alisha made a powerful career pivot from the corporate world in the hope of normalising female intimacy and encouraging deeper connections with oneself.

Q&A with Tia, founder of Suki La

For the launch of Melting Moments Cleansing Balm we collaborated with female-founded Australian business Suki La. The Founder discusses her experiences of venturing out of her own.

Inspiring Alpha Women: Morgan Jamieson

Acclaimed artist and the creative powerhouse behind our 2021 Holiday Collection talks career and social media success.

Inspiring Alpha Women: Marie-Claude Mallat

Founder and director of Sydney-based MCMPR.

Inspiring Alpha Women: Daria Myers

A beauty veteran, holding many roles over her career with Estée Lauder in the USA.