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The Encoreship

A returnship program for women who have been out of the workforce for an extended period
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Of women believe age discrimination in the workplace is a serious problem. (NBC News, 2019)
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As many women as men in the United States lost their jobs throughout the pandemic. (Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS, 2020)
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Of highly qualified women opt out of work after having children. (Atlantic, 2013)
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Of women want to return to work after a period of time off. (Pew Research Centre, 2020)

The Program

Meet the ground-breaking initiative providing employment opportunities to women who have been out of the workforce for an extended period and want to return.  

It is opportunity to upskill, build confidence and gain valuable and practical experience.

“With the compounding impact of COVID-19 on women, Alpha-H has recognised an urgency to respond to this “she-session” with practical and immediate action. As a female-founded business comprised of 70% of employees who identify as women, we saw an opportunity to extend ourselves into the community, offering paid work placements and creating a network of women supporting women.”

- Tina Randello, Chief Commercial Officer 

2022 Expressions of Interest
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Who Can Apply

The Encoreship roles are available to anyone who identifies as a woman, has had an extended period (1+ years) away from the workforce and is having difficulty re-entering.

In 2021 the program is only available to applicants within Australia. In 2022 The Encoreship program is coming to the USA. 

The Process

1. Apply for The Encoreship program via the portal from March 2022

2. The Encorers will start their positions in April 2022 and alongside their work, will have tailored upskilling and training

3. Career transition mentoring and a personal development program is included, to help Encorers secure their next role

In 2022 The Encoreship is Expanding, Globally

We are calling on US brands to join The Encoreship initiative in 2022. If you are committed to empowering and supporting women, and those who identify as women through tangible work experiences and mentoring, please sign up to join our brand collective.  

If you are a woman facing difficulties finding employment after an extended period of time off and are looking to apply for The Encoreship in 2022, we would love to hear from you.

Please sign up to be notified once we are accepting applications.

Learn about the Australian Encoreship program here.