Attention northern hemisphere beauties! While it’s probably not quite time to pack all your winter wardrobe away just yet, now is definitely the time to get the jump on overhauling your skincare routine as the humidity creeps back in, and UV rays head towards their peak. Not the right season change for you? Find our summer to winter tips here.


First and foremost; SPF!

It’s something you should be (and hopefully have been) wearing all year round, but as your part of the world begins to tilt towards the sun, the intensity of the UVA and UVB rays it bathes us in are going to intensify. Just like you’ll be reshuffling the clothing in your wardrobe as the longer, hotter days set in, it’s also time to shuffle your SPF wardrobe and ensure you’re giving your skin the protection it needs to fight off preventable extrinsic ageing.


Balance your cleansing

Cleansing is a cornerstone of any good skincare regimen. During the winter months you may have gravitated more towards a creamy or balm cleanser. If you love these, there’s no reason to not continue using them; so long as they’re a good pH balanced cleanser which won’t strip your skin’s barrier (yeah, we’re talking about you, foaming cleansers), you’re in a good place. However, some people find they prefer a cooling gel cleanser in the warmer months, like our Triple Action Cleanser. No matter your preference on the consistency though, just remember to avoid those which contain nasty surfactants which will just strip your skin and set off a chain reaction of dehydration, irritation and breakouts.


Ditch the dead cells

If winter has left your skin looking a little dull and grey, it could be holding onto a build up of dead skin cells, which just need a little friendly encouragement to turn over so that lovely, fresh new skin can peek through instead. Alpha-H are global leaders in exfoliation, producing a range of products which provide both chemical and physical exfoliation so you can choose the one that’s best suited to your skin type and its needs.


Up your antioxidants

Did you know..? Vitamin C serum can help to fight against the damage free radicals can cause in your skin, as well as slowing its production of melanin which can leave you with ‘age spots’, courtesy of UV exposure (among other things). Boosting your skin’s stocks of this antioxidant by layering it under your daily SPF can help further protect you against extrinsic ageing. Alpha-H’s bespoke Vitamin Profiling collection allows you to choose what your skin needs on any given day, so you can customise your skincare at any time.



While things can get a bit hot and sticky in the warmer months, don’t make the mistake of skipping moisturising. When our skin becomes dehydrated, it can actually start to produce more oil in an effort to balance out the lack of moisture. This generally leads to people stripping their skin in an effort to control the oil, and things can get really unbalanced. If you feel that your current moisturiser is too thick and ‘oily’ for summer, either switch it for a lighter weight formula, or even try an oil-free hydrator instead. If you need a top-up of moisture during the day, try pressing in some Vitamin E serum for a hydration boost.


Lastly, but very certainly not least, don’t forget to keep your internal hydration up too! Water is essential for every cell in our bodies; that’s why we can last quite a while without food, but a lack of water spells curtains.

If you’re not sure which products are best suited to your unique skin type and needs, please don’t hesitate to ask us for help! Request a live online skin consultation with one of our highly trained therapists.