Meet Golden Haze. A nourishing yet lightweight oil that works to lock in hydration delivering enviable glowing skin by minimising the appearance of fine lines, boosting radiance and eliminating dullness.  

This golden elixir is also a versatile multitasker within your skincare wardrobe. Keep reading to learn all the diverse ways you can utilize Golden Haze Face Oil in your regime.  

Stand-alone hero 

Apply 2-3 drops morning or evening as an effective moisturiser to infuse the skin with barrier fortifying essential fatty acids, vitamins, replenishing lipids and to seal in hydration. Follow with your preferred SPF if applying in the AM 

Facial Massage 

For a sensorial moment, add 2-3 drops directly to the skin to create slip, then spend a little extra time performing a light facial massage using circular and sweeping movements to spread the oil evenly over the face, neck and decolletage. For an extra special touch, incorporate your favourite facial massage tool including Jade roller or Gua Sha.  


Nourish skin, create glide and reduce irritation whilst Dermaplaning by applying a generous amount of Golden Haze Face Oil to the skin before beginning the treatment. 

Alpha-H Skincare image
Alpha-H Skincare image

Layered to lock in hydration 

Layer over serums, hydrators and/or moisturisers. Apply Golden Haze Face Oil as the last step in your regime to lock in hydration and prevent trans-epidermal water loss. 

Don’t forget those cuticles 

Add a drop to each cuticle and massage in well. Spread any remaining oil over the backs of the hands, performing a light massage. Apply of an evening and leave overnight to nourish dry areas, leaving them silky soft.  

Golden haze may also be applied to the body, helping to eliminate dry flaky patches on legs, arms, heels and those dry winter shins. Also fabulous as a hair oil. Best applied sparingly to mid lengths and ends of hair, a few drops can help to eliminate fly aways and dull looking tresses.  

Create a dewy glow 

Add 1-2 drops either before or into your foundation (must be oil-based foundation) or pat onto the high points of your face like a highlighter (top of cheekbones, brow bone, bridge of the nose) after moisturizer, sunscreen, or makeup.