Activate.  Accelerate.  Advocate.

Commit to our simple, yet powerful 3-Step Approach and it will build your skin’s health and resilience like no slap-dash skincare can.

Today, we’ve come to expect instant gratification. As we zoom through our days, who has time to wait for results? With never-ending to-do lists, long working hours and multiple distractions, it’s easy to see why trying to get more bang for your beauty buck by multitasking is so appealing.

BUT – there’s a big diff between streamlining your skincare routine and skimping on it.

The fact is, all-in-one solutions may be shortchanging your results. If truth be known, in skincare, like in life, if you’re not seeing the results you want, you need to consider changing your approach.

Nearly everything of enduring value requires effort, focus, time and importantly, commitment.

Commitment to your skin’s health, and specifically, commitment to our 3-Step Approach will build your skin’s resilience for life.

Commit to the Alpha-H 3-Step Approach 

  • Activate: The first step to building skin’s resilience is a pH-balanced cleanser, formulated to prepare skin for the optimal penetration of our Accelerating Acids.
  • Accelerate: Our powerful Accelerating Acids – including hero, Glycolic Acid – are the engine behind our most powerful skincare treatments. They transform skin, speed cell renewal and repair, correct sun damage and boost collagen. Skin becomes firmer, plumper, smoother. It positively glows with good health.
  • Advocate: Advocating for your skin means looking after it. Our high-potency hydrators, SPF protectors and skin-renewing vitamins safeguard skin’s resilience. They fortify and strengthen your skin to protect against future damage.

What is skin resilience?

These days the term “resilience” gets tossed around a lot. Many in the skincare industry associate it with a healthy protective barrier function. But resilience is far bigger than that.

In its fullest sense, resilience is defined as the ability of a system – like skin – to not just withstand the impact of intense stress, but to improve, thrive and flourish as a result of it. Resilience means bouncing back better than before.

Given the challenges of a hectic lifestyle and an erratic environment, today skin resilience is a greater priority than ever before. The rate at which it is built varies depending on biological markers like genetics, age, environment. On a molecular level, we can stimulate the skin’s metabolism – speed up collagen production, replace older damaged skin rapidly and bolster the skin’s barrier – with the right approach, the right ingredients, and the right commitment.

Think of it as a conditioning workout. Begin any fitness program – whether running, cross-fit or yoga – and your muscles get sore. You want to give up. It seems too hard.  But then you see results. They may seem incremental at first. Then as you progress, you become stronger, healthier, more agile and more resilient. And it all seems worth it. The key is to stick with the program.  The same goes for skin.

“You have to get skin out of its comfort zone.  When you create that controlled and measured sensation at skin’s lower levels, your skin self-heals and becomes more resilient. It’s like setting the reset button. You can’t do that with fluff and puff that just sits on the surface on the skin.”  Michelle Doherty

Building resilience is not static. It’s ever-changing. So, the surest way to achieve and maintain it is to do is amass a robust toolbox of on-going strategies.

Commit to our simple, yet powerful 3-Step Approach and it will build your skin’s health and resilience like nothing else can.

Join the Resilience